Dr Jacques Pretorius               -
Because we’re all different, gynaecological conditions require a breadth of knowledge, understanding and specialist management.
Experience is what sets us apart. Dr Jacques is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of gynaecological care through advocacy, research and teaching. He has a wealth of knowledge and insight, having trained internationally in leading hospitals, as well as having worked locally in Western Australia since 2010.
Our understanding of your concerns is key to your care. We work with you to ensure the most appropriate course of action to suit your needs. We understand that gynaecological concerns can cause anxiety; just know that we dedicated to your comfort from the moment you arrive.
Dr Jacques can perform most Gynaecological procedures including:

Hysterectomy (Abdominal, Vaginal and Laparoscopic)
Vaginal Prolapse repair
Incontinence Procedures
Endometrial Ablation
These are performed at SJOG Murdoch Hospital or SJOG Murdoch Surgicentre for insured patients.
Bentley Hospital for uninsured patients (Medicare).

Please refer to the information sheets that I gave you at the time of the booking procedure for more information.
Return to activity depends on many factors including the type of surgery, individual factors and potential complications.

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