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What foods should I avoid in pregnancy?
Here are a couple of links to websites with comprehensive lists of foods that are safe in pregnancy & which foods to avoid.
Healthy eating during your pregnancy - Fact Sheet

How much weight should I put on during pregnancy?
This will depend on what your weight & BMI are pre-pregnancy. See the link below for more details
Healthy weight gain during pregnancy - Fact Sheet

How much exercise can I do in pregnancy?
It is important to stay fit & healthy during pregnancy & it is recommended to continue with regular exercise. However you may find that you need to make a few adjustments to your training.
Here are a couple of links to websites with helpful information to guide you in your exercise regime during pregnancy:
Pregnancy and Exercise - Fact Sheet
Exercise is medicine Australia - Fact Sheet

Which vaccinations are recommended in pregnancy?
Fluvax is recommended in pregnancy & can be given at any time in the pregnancy
Pertussis vaccine for whooping cough is recommended later in the pregnancy (ie. from 28 weeks gestation). 

What happens if my obstetrician is not available for the birth?
On the rare occasion that Dr Jacques is unable to be there for your birth, you can rest assured that another experienced obstetrician, who knows and understands your personal case, will be there to care for you with the same skill and expertise.
We’ve carefully chosen each obstetrician, ensuring they are not only an excellent doctor, but also share our philosophy of personal, complete pregnancy care.

Do I need a birth plan?
It is not necessary to have a birth plan but it is a good idea to think about what is going to happen during your labour & delivery and whether you have any specific requests. Although a birth plan is a good way of thinking about the process of labour & delivery, it is also important to keep an open mind, knowing that circumstances can change. I don't want you to feel that you have failed yourself if you don't stick to your birth plan.

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